Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Women's Worth (or "Ode to The C/Kathies. And an Annie."

One of my C/Kathies wrote a great blog today about the loneliness women can feel and how important it is to have our tribe/cheerleading squad/fabulous girlfriends at the ready. Especially this time of year, when we can feel assaulted by the happy intact family Hallmark brigade, it's important to take a break to remember.

I confess my father's recent death has hit me harder than I would have imagined. But in my reeling, I've had my friends stand sentry, even when I would have been more comfortable being alone in my grief, not liking to do the red-nosed ugly cry in front of an audience.

But Cathy came over that first day to walk, and has since listened and questioned and provided some amazing blueberry tea. She gets that you just need to show up, and has been waiting patiently at the ready for my dam to burst which, actually, happened last Friday.

Then yesterday, Cathy & Annie got it, laughing, when I questioned through my tears whether my seemingly distant God was enough when I had Ben & Jerry so close by. Plus Annie said she'd never have guessed that I'd gained weight, grazing through my grieving. I mean, c'mon. Does it get better?

Two other Kathies listen like wise women who know (and they do), and yet another Kathy asked to borrow my daughter this Saturday so they could bake cinnamon-y yeasty stuff. All day. And then have me back for dinner that night.

In and around the loneliness, the lostness, I have these amazing compass points. I've just got to look.

What do you need to tell your tribe this Christmas?